CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula

What is CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula?

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula is an easy-to-absorb, pleasant-tasting and complete liquid silica formulation that combines highly purified mineral silica with CELLFOOD’s wide array of plant-based minerals and elements with dissolved oxygen.

In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica, enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient and energetic. When we age however, our silica levels steadily decline.

Why our CELLFOOD Silica Formula is the best!

Silica comes in many forms and from many sources. CELLFOOD Essential Silica starts with highly purified mineral silica. Then, through a unique process, it’s transformed to create a pH neutral, ionic molecule that is extremely small; measuring less than 10 nanometers.

We then combine this with the remarkable CELLFOOD Formula, thus helping provide a unique nutritional delivery system that may be naturally absorbed in the body

What’s in CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula?

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula contains highly purified and specially processed ionic silica, blended with 1/8 strength CELLFOOD Original Formula; containing vital plant-based minerals and naturally occurring nutrients that work in synergy with silica.

It’s all-natural: CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula is non-toxic, non-invasive with no animal testing and is certified vegan and kosher.

Only CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula Combines:

The Original Since 1969 – CELLFOOD is tested and trusted.

Cellfood is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices by NuScience Corporation— an FDA-registered manufacturer with third-party cGMP certification by the Natural Product Association. Accept no substitutes!