Cellfood A small step for man... A giant leap for nutrition!
Since man walked on the moon 50 years ago, Cellfood has been changing lives in more than 94 countries.

Meet the CELLFOOD Range

Trusted by health enthusiasts & retail stores in over 94 countries

Experience a nutritional boost with CELLFOOD, the world’s #1 trace mineral and nutrient formula with dissolved oxygen. The original and best for over 50 years! The world leading superfood trusted by millions of users daily.

The original since 1969. CELLFOOD is an award-winning and world-leading trace mineral formulation that is made from the finest organic plant ingredients.


  • CELLFOOD is made from sea water, mineral springs and fossilised plants with dissolved oxygen.
  • It is all natural, non-toxic, non-invasive and there has been no animal testing.
  • Each 30 ml bottle contains about one months supply @ 24 drops daily.

After more than 50 years, CELLFOOD is still the world’s #1 selling trace mineral and nutrient formula with dissolved oxygen, available in over 94 countries. CELLFOOD is naturally good for you and is still enjoyed by millions of people every day.

Cellfood Original Concentrate

CELLFOOD Original Concentrate

Innovation in every drop

CELLFOOD Original Concentrate, the award winning trace mineral formula containing a wide array of vital and beneficial nutrients derived from sea water and fossilised plants with dissolved oxygen. The original and best since 1969.

Cellfood Original Concentrate

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula

Beyond Silica

CELLFOOD Essential Silica Formula is an easy-to-absorb, pleasant-tasting and complete liquid silica formulation that combines highly purified mineral silica with CELLFOOD’s wide array of plant-based minerals and elements.

Cellfood Essential Silica Formula


Beyond Beauty

CELLFOOD Oxygen Gel is specially formulated to take advantage of the unique properties of CELLFOOD. Our formulators have utilised specific high quality ingredients to create a skin gel that is natural and non-toxic.

Cellfood Oxygen Gel